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Choosing the best voice for your radio advertising has never been easier. We have a large pool of professional voice over artists with samples you can audition online.

What are you looking for? We have all sorts of voices! Male, female, young, or mature? Perhaps a character voice, a cartoon style or the traditional corporate delivery?

We'll help you identify the best voice for your project and supply a free quote, on line.

If your script or scripts exceed one minute in length you can also request a free demo. We'll record your chosen voice talent reading an extract from your script then send you a link so you can listen to the demo on line.

Get started now. To listen to voice samples on line Click here.

After hearing the voice over samples on line and you still haven't found the ideal voice or voices for your radio campaign, we'll extend the search on your behalf.

As part of Media Group Pty Ltd the business audio specialists we have the resources to solve your problem. Tell us exactly the style of voice you have in mind. We will use our contacts in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA to scour the professional voice over artists of the world and find a solution for you.