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Phone Messages

Nothing creates a worse impression of your business than a telephone message that is distorted, crackling or playing so quietly it can't be understood.

If you have a telephone system that requires an external audio machine to replay Messages On Hold, our little MOH 1200 player is simply the best!

The MOH 1200 uses a standard USB stick or thumb drive to store and replay your telephone messages. It's compact so it will fit anywhere out-of-site even in a draw.

When you need to change or update your messages, we email you a link and you simply put the USB stick into a computer and download the new messages.

The MOH 1200 has a volume control and built-in speaker. The reliability of the unit is legendary and we ship it new with a 3 year warranty. Your phone technician can easily install the MOH 1200 and it comes with a connecting cable and instructions.

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