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Messages on hold

Phone Messages

Sometimes you have no option but to place a caller on hold. It happens in busy periods and when people are servicing other callers. Often the caller might be tempted to hang-up especially if they hear only boring chimes or deadly silence. But a professionally written, voiced and recorded program of on hold messages can prevent callers hanging-up and departing with a poor impression of your business.

Messages On Hold can help you minimise the risk of the dreaded double whammy! That's where the caller hangs-up on you and immediately phones a competitor! You not only lose a potential customer, you're actually steering buyers to your opposition!

Phone Messages produced by Media Group Pty Ltd do more than prevent caller hang-ups. Because they are expertly written and voiced by professional male and female voice actors, our on hold messages also inform and entertain callers while they stay on the line.

Media Group will create a carefully tailored program of messages on hold to tell your customers about the products and services you provide. You can also use messages on hold to advertise any special offers you currently have to promote.

Today's technology also makes it easy to update your telephone messages at any time. You can add seasonal greetings, sales events or holiday trading hours just by sending an email.

Messages on hold will help you maximise your telephone's sales potential. Whether your caller is a prospective new client or a regular customer, let them know you value their business. Don't just give them "the silent routine" or the local radio station, present the best side of your business with the information you choose.

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