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Phone Messages

Now you can buy your On Hold Messages with complete confidence. Order a free sample message today so you can be sure the phone messages we provide will help project the right image of your business.

We will create your free sample message in our own recording studio. You wont just receive a pre-recorded, off-the-shelf demo.

We will start by writing an original script. Next we will select the professional male or a female voice over artists to read your free sample message. Then we'll choose appropriate music and sound effects to mix with the voices to complete your bespoke free sample before we email you the finished On Hold Message. Click here to order your sample on hold message FREE.

When you receive your free sample on hold message, you can be the judge. You can evaluate our copywriting skills, our professional voice artists and our studio quality recording. We are 100% sure you will be pleased with the result. After all we are part of Media Group Pty Ltd the business audio professionals.