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Phone Messages

There are two kinds of after hours message. The good and the bad. The bad ones are mostly DIY horrors and a terrible blemish on any business. We only make the good variety. Expertly worded, spoken by experienced voice artists and produced in our professional recording studios.

When work is finished for the day and everybody has gone, callers will appreciate hearing your professionally produced After Hours Message. It will advise them of your normal opening times and invite them to call back. Or if your telephone system has the capacity, they can leave a message so you can return their call.

A bad after hours message is little better than leaving the phone to "ring out". Either way a caller is left questioning the company's commitment to its customers.

When we supply your After Hours Message you know you'll be projecting the best image for your business. You'll be demonstrating the care you have for your clients and reassuring them you will return the call.

The script for your After Hours Message will be crafted by one of our team of copywriters and sent for your approval prior to recording. You'll get to choose a male or female voice from our pool of talented voice over artists. Plus if you prefer to have music behind the voice you can select a track from our library of royalty free music.

As a part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we understand the impact an After Hours Message can have on the people calling you. While an After Hours Message might not be near the top of your priority list, it probably should be. To find out more today or to organise a FREE quote, Click here

After Hours Message Sample: You have called (Insert company name) however you have called outside our opening hours which are (Insert opening hours). Please call again during our opening hours or if you wish to leave a short message with your name and phone number we will return your call on the next business day. Please record your message after the tone.

After Hours Message Sample for Medical Services: Thank you for calling (Insert name of Doctor or Medical Centre) however you have called outside our usual opening hours. If this call concerns an emergency situation please hang up now and call 000 otherwise please call again during our opening hours; (Insert opening days/hours). If you wish to leave a message with your name and phone number we will return your call during normal opening hours. Record your message after the tone.